All Love Healing Center

Photo by Chris Van Atta

Jennifer Chapis,

Energy Healer & Writer

3951-A Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28403
(at Barclay Hills Drive)

   Grow.   Love.   Be.

This powerful yet gentle energy work aligns the chakras, offering soul-level healing and personal messages of higher truth.

Available in-person or remotely.

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“Jenn is a clear channel for the healing energy of the Divine. Without question, my life has shifted in a very positive direction since I started working with her. I feel loved and nourished by our sessions, as the obstacles to my highest self are being dissolved in the light of Truth. Beautiful work. I highly recommend it."

Joelle Hann

Book Doctor, Brooklyn, NY

This life-changing healing helps resolve issues on physical, emotional, and etheric levels--leaving you empowered and more joyful, and bringing forward your innate potential.

​​Available in-person or remotely.

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